The potential of biblical hope

Return to the stronghold, You prisoners of hope.
Even today I declare That I will restore double to you.
Zech. 9:12

Hope in the Bible is defined as an eager expectation that good is coming your way. However, many suffer from “hope deferred”...basically, your hope has been dashed. You may have stopped hoping in the promise of God, or the dream in your heart, or that things will work out in your favor. The answer isn’t in giving up and living a “que sera, sera” (whatever will be will be) lifestyle. It’s time to get your hopes up that God is about to breakthrough in your life!

I remember being at the end of 2015 wanting to quit ministry and go to culinary school so I could become a professional chef. I know they say “don’t trust a skinny cook” but I was just way too discouraged and felt stuck where I was!

Since I didn’t have another open door from God to move on somewhere else, I stayed where I was and gave it my best. It also happened to be that Netflix had the entire “Rocky” movie series on and I watched every single one of them! Rocky was pretty good with not giving up.

Little did I know that a month later, January 2016, the Fire & Glory Outpouring broke out with Jerame & Miranda Nelson and Joshua & Janet Mills in my hometown. I was asked to lead worship for it, and long story short, ended up coming on staff with Jerame & Miranda to work with them!

I had a passion for revival and had been praying for it for some time. I just happened to be at the right place at the right time and God broke through the discouragement and placed me in a ministry that was moving in all the stuff I was pursuing! Talk about a breakthrough!

Although I really wanted to give up, I held on by what felt like a thread.

And God came through.

It’s interesting to note that the word for “hope” in Hebrew in Zech. 9:12 is the same word for a “cord.” Literally holding on to a rope...a thread.

You may feel like you’re only holding onto a thread of hope just like I was. Maybe it’s your health, your family, your career, or the dream that God put into your heart. You’ve got to know that there is breakthrough coming your way!

The first mention of this word for “hope” in scripture is in Joshua 2:18. It’s the story of two spies that Joshua sent to spy out the city of Jericho before taking it.

Long story short, this woman Rahab houses the spies, hides them from the soldiers looking for them, and then gives them instructions on how to get back safely. She basically saved their lives.

They give her a promise and said that if she tied a scarlet cord in her window, when Israel comes to take the city, her house and everyone in it will be spared.

Remember - the word for “cord” is the same word for “hope”.

The cord in her window was what saved her from the impending destruction headed her way. It represented the promise the spies had made.

In other words, it was the power of HOPE that caused good to come her way even though everyone around was getting destruction.

Hope saves lives!

It may seem that your life is stuck in a bad situation but the good news is that seasons have a beginning and an END!

You’re not stuck where you are forever!

It was hope that kept this woman alive when everyone around her was melting because of fear and eventually getting destroyed.

The report in Jericho in those days was fear, destruction and defeat heading their way. But for Rahab it was “something good is coming my way” because I have hope!

Do you believe that something good is coming your way?

Zechariah (in the opening verse) called the people “prisoners of hope.”

You may have been a prisoner to fear before, or a prisoner of shame, or doubt, or evil forebodings...but God is calling you a prisoner of hope today!

It’s time to agree with God and become bound by an eager expectation that good is coming your way!

Breakthrough is yours in Jesus name!

P.S. How can you biblically claim that? Jesus got what you deserved at the cross so you could get what He deserves as the beloved Son of God. (2 Cor. 5:21).

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Question: What are you hoping for today?