Wave After Wave CD


Wave After Wave CD


Summit Music's latest live worship album featuring original songs by Andrew Hopkins such as "Wave After Wave", "Burn in Me", and "Awake"

  1. Can’t Get Enough (feat. Matt Steingard)

  2. Wonderful Work (feat. Annie Steingard)

  3. Burn in Me (feat. Andrew Hopkins)

  4. Waves of Love (feat. Lierin Schmidt)

  5. I Love the Way You Love Me (feat. Lierin Schmidt)

  6. I Surrender All (feat. Andrew Hopkins)

  7. All That We Adore (feat. Annie Steingard)

  8. Wave After Wave (feat. Andrew Hopkins)

  9. Set A Fire (I Want More) [feat. Andrew Hopkins]

  10. Awake (feat. Andrew Hopkins + Matt Steingard)

  11. God’s Great Dance Floor (feat. Matt Steingard + Andrew Hopkins)

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