3 of the most unpopular keys to the anointing

“And so it was, when they had crossed over, that Elijah said to Elisha, “Ask! What may I do for you, before I am taken away from you?” Elisha said, “Please let a double portion of your spirit be upon me.””
2 Kings 2:9

The power of God is not an option if we want to make an impact in our world. We need the anointing and we need revival. My only challenge is - do we know what we are asking for when we ask for revival and a “double portion”? In other words, many people want the “double portion” anointing, but are they willing to do what Elisha did to get it?

I remember first getting saved and hearing about Smith Wigglesworth and Kathryn Kuhlman. Then I read Roberts Liardon’s book “God’s Generals.” I was so stirred by what God did through them all. The manifest Presence of God, the radical healings, the unusual miracles, and so much more.

I remember reading a story of how Smith Wigglesworth was on the way to minister and the car got a flat tire. He got out of the car, commanded the tire to be filled with air, and it filled up! Then they went along their way. Amazing!

All that to say, it provoked me to go after God. I was stirred.

I just didn’t realize what I was signing up for.

It’s kind of like Peter in all of his zeal saying he’d die for Jesus, but then realizes he’s gonna deny him three times instead...sometimes we just don’t see the big picture.

Are we willing to pay the price for the anointing?

1 John 2:27 says we have an anointing. The anointing has come to us as a free gift, but learning how to walk in the anointing costs everything.

What you’re about to read may not be the most popular and attractive points...but nevertheless, we gotta have ‘em.

That being said, here’s 3 of the most unpopular keys to the anointing:

1. Hard work

Out of all the people on the earth that could’ve been chosen to succeed the prophet Elijah, God chose Elisha.

When we first see him in scripture, he is working (1 Kings 19:19).

The guy who would eventually carry the infamous “double portion” anointing was a hard worker!

In other words, God was looking for someone with a work ethic.

Elisha wasn’t sitting around feeling sorry for himself or waiting for God to do everything for him. He was found working.

He was being faithful where he was planted.

He was using what God had given him at that time.

And God chose him to succeed Elijah.

God is looking for people who are willing to work.

2. Surrender

Elisha was willing to surrender it all.

He sacrificed his source of income! (1 Kings 19:21)
He burnt it up. Now, there was no turning back.

Talk about a cost!

Halfway commitment produces halfway results.
But Jesus said if you lose your life, you’ll find it.

One of the keys to flowing in the anointing is surrender. You have to let go of your agenda, your ways, your plan - and surrender to His. It’s trusting Him over yourself (Prov. 3:5-6).

When God sees a surrendered heart, He says, “Here’s someone I can work with.”

When you surrender in the little things, God sees someone who can be trusted in bigger things.

3. Servanthood

Elisha then became Elijah’s servant. (1 Kings 19:21, 2 Kings 3:11)

Scholars believe Elisha served Elijah around 7-8 years.

In a self-serving culture, this is an unpopular idea.

To become the background guy, not getting any credit, not much attention…serving someone else’s vision! And...dare I say it...maybe not even get paid!

This is a blow to our epidemic of selfishness.

I thought God was all about me?!

He is...in the sense that He wants you to become healthy like Him...and love isn’t self seeking (1 Cor. 13:5)

Lawd have mercy...selah.

You know what happened in that 7-8 years?

Elisha not only developed character and maturity, he learned the ways of the Spirit.

Can you imagine being around the prophet who called fire down from heaven and commanded the rain? You’re bound to grow in the Spirit.

My friend John Thomas from Streams Ministries says, “You receive impartation from what you serve.” He was sharing from his experience with John Paul Jackson and how he moved across the U.S. to come and serve his ministry. Through that, the anointing on John Paul’s life began rubbing off on him - dreams, prophetic, seer anointing, and more.

Many people want the anointing to flow in their lives - but are they willing to go low and serve?

Elisha was...and he got the double. (Side note: Elisha did double the amount of miracles that Elijah did. He was so anointed even his bones raised a dead man to life! (2 Kings 13:21))

When you’re able to go low and serve it’s a sign that you’ve become secure in who you are.

There’s much more to Elisha’s life - these are just the things we see he was willing to do when he first appears in the Bible!

Who wants to sign up now?! Lol.

In reality, walking in the anointing is growing in friendship with Holy Spirit. Knowing what quenches or grieves Him, and knowing what makes Him happy.

I’m pretty sure if you’ve got this far in the blog, you’d agree with me that any price is worth it to get to know our God.

Jesus, make us fit to carry the anointing. We want to host Your Presence in our lives. We surrender once again.

Question: What would you add to this list?