The God Who Gives Value

“And what accord has Christ with Belial?...”
2 Corinthians 6:15

In our day, we’ve seen some heinous things occur in society - full term abortion legalized in some states, the human trafficking epidemic, school shootings, and the list could go on. I don’t mean to be “doom and gloom” in this post, but nevertheless, this stuff is happening. On a lesser intensity level, there’s also the day to day things we could do out of insecurity - groping for affirmation through social media posts, working extra hard to please our boss, or unhealthily reaching for attention by using our talents.

I believe the answer to those epidemics - both large and small - is found in the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ! Where Jesus gave His life that we could fully live! More specifically in the way that God gives people value and worth through Jesus.

While the practical outworking of the gospel in corrupt areas of society will take far more than I will attempt to explain here, I intend to shed light on the good news that Jesus came to restore our sense of worth - and in that, a root of corruption in society is confronted.

Let me explain.

One day I was innocently doing my daily Bible reading in Judges chapter 19. I came across a story of intense moral corruption that would probably surprise most people that it’s actually in the Bible.

Honestly, I don’t want to recount it here because of its intensity. But suffice to say, there was massive moral corruption and death; the likes of which led to a miniature civil war in Israel.

But the footnote of my Bible on Judges 19:22 referred to what the NKJV translated as “perverted men” as “sons of Belial.” Normally I would just pass this by out of pure ignorance. But this time, the Lord seemed to be highlighting it to me.

I searched it out and found that this name “Belial” was found numerous times in the Old Testament and was translated different ways.

Here’s a few examples and contexts:

“Corrupt men” Deut. 13:13, where the men would entice Israel to serve other gods

“Perverted men” Judges 19:22, where intense moral corruption and civil war occurred

“Wicked woman” 1 Sam. 1:16, where Hannah was accused of being drunk

“Corrupt” 1 Sam. 2:12, where the Priest Eli’s sons were morally corrupt, stealing from the temple offerings and leading Israel astray

There’s nothing new under the sun! The same issues our society deals with today happened back then! Yet there is a common denominator - that name “Belial.”

I found that the only reference in the New Testament was 2 Corinthians 6:15: “And what accord has Christ with Belial?...”

The context compares opposites:
Righteousness and wickedness
Light and darkness
Believer and unbeliever
The temple of God and the temple of idols

...Christ and Belial.

Now we know whatever Belial is or does, Christ is the complete opposite.

I looked up the definition of the name “Belial” and you know what I found?
It means “worthlessness.”

Name definitions have to do with function.

What I know about the enemy is that he wants to give us his thoughts, so we think like him. If we think like him, it leads to acting like him.

Here’s the crux:
People who believe they’re worthless do worthless things.

What I also know about the enemy is that by projecting his thoughts on us, he is actually alluding to the truth of God. We find truth by taking his assaults and flipping them to the opposite (and ultimately landing in scripture).

What’s the point?

Corruption in society is at least in part due to the lack of worth that people have for themselves.

That corruption is influenced by “Belial” - the enemy’s lie of worthlessness.
But I love the gospel of Jesus!

If Belial projects worthlessness, then Christ restores our sense of worth and value!

You know the value of something by what someone is willing to pay for it.

The glorious gospel is that the Father gave the Favorite of heaven, the Beloved One, His Son to be the payment for our sins! To buy us back.

Regardless of what people, life, or circumstances have told you, He thought you were worth it.

Let that truth fall on fresh ears today.

We exalt the worth of Jesus in song all the time. We may not realize that when we declare the worth of Jesus we are simultaneously declaring our worth - because The Father gave Jesus to get you.

That is mindblowing!

Furthermore, Jesus lived His life knowing how valuable He was and He is inviting you to do the same.

1 Peter 2:4 says that Jesus was rejected by man but chosen by God. He lived in two realities but only chose to draw His identity from one: chosen by God.

I don’t know what you’re facing, but I know you can do the same.

You are chosen.
You are valuable.
You are worth it.
You are loved.

You can live in those realities.

One thing I’ve learned about the love of God: When you know you’re loved you have a healthy view of yourself and at the same time life isn’t about you anymore.

David said it like this: “My cup overflows.” (Psalm 23:5)

You don’t have to live as a half empty cup waiting to be filled by others! You can live as a cup overflowing with the love of God waiting to pour out on all who come in contact with you!

Take a moment to meditate on the value Christ gives you and receive His love afresh today.

Lord, reverse the lie of the enemy in our lives with the truth that we have massive value in Christ. Let corruption in society be healed by the glorious gospel of Jesus!


  • How has the gospel changed your view of yourself? Of God? Of others?

  • How do you think knowing your true value will affect your lifestyle? The lifestyle of society?

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